A Cadiz Solution

Providing clean, reliable, and affordable water for people.

Cadiz is a private-sector partner in water equity working with public water agencies, local governments, and communities to solve today’s water challenges with innovative solutions. We offer a unique combination of supply, storage, conveyance and treatment solutions, cutting-edge innovation, and industry-leading standards of environmental stewardship — all focused on advancing the human right to water. A key part of Cadiz, ATEC provides innovative solutions to the growing crisis around access to clean groundwater in California and beyond. ATEC’s capabilities, assets and experience deliver treatment solutions where they are needed, promoting water equity and self-sufficiency and building resilience.

Our mission is to implement innovative water solutions in partnership with communities to sustainably deliver safe, clean, and affordable water to those who need it.

The human right to water is not reality for everyone. We believe in a world where wealth and geography do not dictate access to safe, clean, affordable water. It can be available to all and with commitment, technology, and infrastructure, can be delivered sustainably for generations to come.