Filtration Systems

Highly Tailored Solutions to Your Groundwater Quality Challenge

ATEC is dedicated to providing the most effective filtration products to remove common contaminants that limit access to safe, clean water for communities. We have years of experience reducing and removing common groundwater contaminants and customizing groundwater treatment filters that meet the unique needs of our customers. To customize tailored solutions, our expert engineers analyze your water, pilot test, and then manufacture filtration systems in our Hollister, California facilities. Our filtration solutions are innovative, affordable and can be scaled to address water quality challenges at any sized facility, from community wells up to large treatment plants. We offer on-site installation support, ongoing remote monitoring and reliable service.

Our most common systems treat for the following contaminants:







ATEC is a leader in groundwater treatment innovation and has pioneered in several areas of groundwater filtration:

  • The first municipal removal system using dioxide media to remove iron and manganese
  • The first U.S. installation for arsenic removal using granular ferric hydroxide
  • A simplified reduction – oxidation – filtration (RCF) process for Chromium-6 removal that cuts the cost of this treatment by half
  • The leading high-rate biological ammonia removal process
  • Led the process design for the largest nitrate removal drinking water plant in the U.S.

Our Custom Solutions are Affordable

We’re innovators, and we’ve figured out how to construct groundwater treatment without a lot of the extras in conventional systems.

  • We rely on an array of small, modular, vertical tanks, rather than the usual long horizontal tank
  • That array has a smaller footprint, which means a smaller building to house the equipment
  • Our backwash system is simple, requiring no additional pumps or storage
  • In most cases, our equipment requires no add-on peripheral systems
  • System controls are simpler and less expensive
  • Our overall design is less complicated than usual, making the equipment easier to install for contractors
  • Once in place, our systems have lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Our filters and other media rarely need to be regenerated or replaced
  • We powder coat all immersed surfaces of our vessels, to give them a long operating life